The competition CanSat it is international in nature and has been held annually for some time. In this contest, high school students design, build and launch a miniature satellite called aCanSat, the size of a soda can, hosted by an ESA-ASI (European Space Agency - Italian Space Agency) rocket. the CanSat it is designed to perform the functions of a complete satellite, including the acquisition, transmission and processing of atmospheric data collected in real time. our project provides for the possibility of interacting, in live streaming, with the public who wanted to learn more about the activity, dispel doubts or learn how to approach similar challenges. There are no age or skills limits to participate in the meeting. Soon we will publish the dates and times of the online meetings.

What is Cansat?
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The project involves the construction and launch of a micro-satellite hosted by an ESA (European Space Agency) - ASI (Italian Space Agency) missile.
After the release, during the fall at set speed, the satellite will have the task of monitoring certain atmospheric parameters once a second.
The data will be recorded on a memory device located on board and simultaneously sent to the ground by means of a radio transmission system. A receiving station will address the raw data collected to a computer which will analyze them obtaining specific graphs.
Two of the data collected (temperature and humidity) are imposed by the organizer; a third will be at the free choice of the team selected to participate in the race.

The drafting of a "CDR" (Critical Design Review, Critical Description of the Project), of the "PLR" (Pre-lunch report, Pre-launch report) and of a "CFR" (CanSat Final Report, Final report of the launch carried out), all in English, will complete the entire first phase of the competition.

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